Application of ‘School of Entrepreneurs’ in Business Studies

by Leonel Graciano (9B)

We all know the famous slogan “Stella Maris – School of Entrepreneurs,” but what does it mean really? School of Entrepreneurs means Stella Maris School Gading Serpong is a school that aims to build successful entrepreneurs to be the next generation’s leaders, and I’d say that this aim is primarily carried out with the Business Studies Lesson.

Business Studies is a subject available for grades 9-12 here in Stella Maris School Gading Serpong. This subject combines theory and practice effectively as rather than sticking to textbook learning, Business studies also offers a variety of ways for hands-on learning. 


For example, every year from grades 8-10, we have a business plan competition, where we students are divided into teams and plan our start-up business. Not only does this strengthen our knowledge on our current topics, but it also helps to expand our knowledge base on how to start a business. It also helps to develop skills such as: Public Speaking skills, Teamworking, Creativity, etc.


Of course, Business Studies is not limited to the Business Plan, but it also provides a depth of knowledge that evaluates our basic skills on the world of entrepreneurship. This abundance of information is helpful for each our futures, as, to me, we all need to have a decent base of Business skills no matter where we are planning to major on, as Business can be our back-up plan should our original goals are not according to plan.


I find Business Studies in Stella Maris School Gading Serpong to be one of the most interesting subjects. Not only is the lesson highly interactive, the teacher, Ms.Jul Yanti, is also amazing with her strategies in teaching, to make sure the information we learnt from previous weeks are retained, and also to help us to connect those previous concepts to the newer concepts, and at the end of the day, it helps students to have a well-rounded knowledge. She is clear and concise.


The learning environment is also very conducive, it is quiet when needed to be, fun when needed to be, basically a perfect balance to allow a highly-efficient and productive study session. Everyone is also focused on the subject so that no one is left behind. And even if someone is left behind, other students can surely help to re-explain or lend some notes.


On that note, Business Studies in Stella Maris is a very interesting and useful lesson as it helps us to grow together in terms of academics and character, and widen our information so that we can be well-prepared to be successful in our future endeavours.

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