My Senior Years

By: Nadine Ameliyani Wicaksono
Salutatorian, Batch 2023-2024

I have embarked on an incredible two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) journey that has been nothing short of an adventure.  During this global crisis, the IB learner profile transitioned from mere words on a page to a living embodiment. I wholeheartedly embraced open-mindedness, caring, and reflection. I took meaningful risks, communicated empathetically, and engaged in constant self-reflection. 

Beyond just exam scores, I have come to realize that my personal growth has transformed me into a more compassionate and resilient individual. The IB journey is not solely about tests but rather about holistic development. Looking back at my progress, I have celebrated my personal growth and cherished the knowledge I have acquired.


 The IB experience has molded me into a well-rounded individual, not just a test-taker. I owe a great deal of my success to my dedicated teachers and supportive peers whose warmth and encouragement have fueled my determination. As I move forward, I will carry the ethos of the IB with me, recognizing that I have surmounted challenges and grown in ways that surpass academics. To my teachers: Thank you for believing in me, for your patience, and for making this journey unforgettable.

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