Student Council 23/24 – Catalyst of change

By: Leonel Graciano Lie, Grade 9 student

Being the second batch of the Student Council of Stella Maris Gading Serpong to operate post-pandemic, there were a lot of adjustments and differences to the previous ones; different regulations, different policies, and so on and so forth. So today, let me take you on a journey to see our pasts, presents, and plans. 

Let me start with introducing our organizational structure. We have Angeline and Cristhine as our President(s) and Vice President(s) respectively. Under them are the BODs (Secretary, Treasurer) and the head of divisions. As for the divisions, we have 3 this year, those being: Events, Media, and Finance-Sponsorship divisions. Each of these divisions divides into more sub-divisions and we all unite as a student council to try our beat and make for a great impact to the school community.


We have had a series of events throughout this academic year; our first event being on the 1st of November, called “The Mystery of Lycoris,” Which is an Escape room that I’d argue to be quite successful. One of our members even designed a website to order tickets from for this event. Our original plan was to execute this escape room from the 1st to 17th of November. But during the second week, we found out that it was so successful that all slots have been completely sold out, which led to our extension of the dates til 24th of November.


We also had “Carnevil Party,” a Halloween amusement-like event, Teacher’s Day celebration, which was on the same day as our last day of escape room, Valentines, Easter, and Labour Day fundraisings respectively. With valentines we used a pre-order system, and we opened offline booths for easter and labour day fundraising(s). We also sold to primary and preschool which I feel that expands our range of customers which trains us to handle different character groups of customers. 


A memorable moment was when we had a meeting with the parents of some students in our Audio Visual Room. This became one of our most interesting meetings because we were able to get a lot of valuable feedback, suggestions, etc. Especially at that time, as Leo Club also presented their proker to the parents, a lot of the parents gave ideas on how to collaborate.


Next, another memorable one is where me and the other BODs alongside our advisor met up with the Bethsaida team to persuade them to becoming a sponsor for one of our upcoming events. It was exciting because I felt I could put the name “Stella Maris Gading Serpong,” to a foreign party that perhaps have not thought about us at all yet.


So that is it for my journey with Student Council so far, we will return soon with more to provide, to serve, to execute, so stay tuned!! 


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