Best Character Program in Preschool

 Character education is the process of learning common attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that are important for people to have as responsible citizen. Character education is important in every aspect of a child’s life, including the family, school and community. Kids need consistent message and they need all the adults in their live to have high standards and expectation for ethical behavior.

The effect of school wide behavior codes and discipline policies that focus on promoting core values in character education can change, mold the children’s perspective on what to believe and how to behave. It also help young people to make decisions about their thought ,action, and deeds in a way that reflects spiritual and moral values.

The roles of parents, teachers can help our young children to start learning  about the important of having virtues and principles  in their  early childhood life.

Stellamaris International Education has vision to be the best school in Indonesia that produces top qualified students  base on Christian values. It’s a school for entrepreneurs, for people that have dream, ideas and create solution for problems. It is a school that helps the students to unravel their hidden potential and talent thus be a blessing for others.

In Stellamaris  School, we aim for the students to 14 Stemapreneur Characters, as starting from Preschool, to have  4 basic characters that are needed to be developed. We want our young minds to be independent, respectful to one another, to be curious in learning and portray their faith in God by manifesting a sense of caring to each other.

Our Stemapreneur Curriculum helps our young little minds not only to care for themselves but in a process also to be aware and help others, it helps them to develop a sense of empathy  to each other. It also  helps the children to be prepared in dealing with future challenges and dealing with the real world.

The Four Basic Characters Building are incorporated in our everyday lesson, syllabus and time table of learning and teaching. Thus it signify the urgency of growing these natural traits of characters  during their golden age of years.  During certain months, the children are being evaluated and appreciated by giving the  certificate of Best Character Program. The children that show independent ,curios, caring, respect traits the most are being rewarded. The children who arrive on time are awarded of being punctual. The reason is to motivate the students that achievement  are not only in numbers and quantity, but also in quality. Somethings are not always to be  counted, there are also uncountable factors that balance the intelligence quotient and that is the emotional intelligence.

In Stellamaris, there are road maps to be journeyed, this year road map for Stellamarians, I’m a Stellamarian, I am a value guardian. This code of conduct also emphasize on the importance of a Stellamarian to be a guardian of values. There are 6 values such as  Faith in God, Collaboration, Excellence, Respect, Innovative and Integrity.

The six values are to be manifested in our children’s life and lesson in school. The Faith in God is always being practiced by the school wide community starting from a simple  act as to pray in the morning or after the school is over, a visit to Maria’s cave. Then to celebrate Rosario’s month, to recite, relive the Bible during National Bible Month where our young students starts to read and remembering the bible’s verse on how God has spent most of his life spreading faith.

We also motivate the children during Advent month to pray, to light candle awaiting for Jesus to be born. We implemented Christmas Charity Exhibition where all school community such as parents, teachers, students participate hand in hand to do collaboration of creating their work and raise money for Church development and Victims of Cianjur earthquake. When we do all of these actions whole heartedly the results become excellence, the parents were  also happy that their children can participate in such holy and noble act. Then the children were happy, they learn also not only to produce and promote their creation but also learn that their creation has help many people, they may not realize it yet, but good memories is derive from real action or hands on experience . A real experience is needed for our young mind to learn. As learning by doing is significant and affective  for early childhood learners. The teachers were also happy to be able to participate in this collaboration.

Thus the core value of respect comes out in every day in our Stellamarian lives, other event  we have had implemented also  creates the atmosphere of respect such as  Teachers Day Celebration. 

The word of innovative also being practiced by our young little minds, during their Multicultural Intercultural Awareness  where the event has motivate the students to be brave, bold and ready to express themselves in doing the fashion show. Not to forget to mention, we also had Internal Class meeting , where the students dress up on what profession they like and retell their friends on why they chose to be a doctor, nurse, etc. We also implemented Engineering for Kids, where productivity and innovation  are the key words for these young life long learners to be able to succeed in dealing with challenges. 

Last of all, the word integrity  is the  value that we have to always teach, relive and do to give example to our young to be leaders, through National independence Day, where all  students learn on how to show respect ,discipline by doing the National Flag Ceremony and be proud and have integrity in doing it.

The Stellamarian six core of values are to be ignited, implemented and relive every day  not only in words but also in actions, as the sound of it will echoes through out our children’s live , let it be the light house that will brightened their road and the compass for them to travel.

I am a Stellamarian, I’m a Value guardian.

By Vivid Quatricia Boer.


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