On Working in a Bank
(Bank Mandiri Internship) 

Amaris and Elora, G10 IB

The first few days we were rotated between three floors or three areas. Those three areas are Customer Service, Teller, and Marketing. This activity had the purpose of understanding the flow of the Bank and how the office works. Another reason is that banks have a lot of confidential information (e.g. Passwords), so it was quite difficult for the people there to give us any work or assignments to use for practice. Nonetheless, they were more than happy to answer any of our questions. 


For activities, one of them was a project from the bank manager himself. He told us to learn and understand KUR (Kredit Usaha Rakyat) which is credit or financing for working capital and or investment to an individual/individuals on the UMKM scale who are productive and viable but do not have additional collateral or the additional collateral is insufficient. He gave us the material and after doing more research, we discussed further whether there might be any potential customers or people who might be interested.  


Amaris got a chance to observe behind the teller’s desks which were full of machines that are used to count money and service the consumers as efficiently and as fast as possible, while also fulfilling consumers’ questions if they had any. She was also given a chance to observe the customer service segment. She could see how the workers talk and service the customers who need help politely and professionally. Throughout this experience, she was given chances that she never thought were possible for her in her grade. They started from observing behind professional desks, learning more about how workers service customers efficiently and politely, and expanding my knowledge on the work-life in a bank.


Elora got the chance to go out of the office and work in the field with other co-workers to meet customers and offer them Livin by Mandiri, an m-banking application from Bank Mandiri that provides digital banking services. Through this activity, she got the chance to learn more about marketing techniques and interaction with customers. – 


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