My Commitment Program:

Making Simple Goals for Building Entrepreneurial Skills Since Early Years


“School of Future Entrepreneurs”, it is the Stella Maris School tagline, that has been set up very clear. Building entrepreneurial skills from early years has become our concern and focus. Yet, how to nurture and build these entrepreneurial skills since early years? One of the uniqueness program in Stella Maris Preschool Gading Serpong to support this tagline is “My Commitment” Program.

What is “My Commitment” program? It is usually held after 3-months learning process. The process of My Commitment involves students, parents, and teachers. It requires them to commit to achieving specific goals within a certain time frame for the student’s improvement. Why making simple goals is important? Yes, because making goals is one of the entrepreneurial skills that is very important not only in their early years, but also in our students’ future life. Through this program, our students learn to do self-reflection, assisted by their homeroom teachers. They will do reflection based on the statements related to their character and academic progress. Then, parents also become the important support for the success of this program. At home, students and their parents will do the Home Conference, using a specific form. In this step, parents and their child discuss about their child’s strength and weakness, until setting up the goals and making commitments together. Later this Home Conference will be submitted to the homeroom teachers as one of the resources for My Commitment Day. Once again, student, parents, and homeroom teachers play very important role here. Homeroom teachers assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses, then a meeting is scheduled with the student, parents, and homeroom teachers. During this meeting, they will discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses and then decide on specific goals for the student to achieve within a certain time frame. These goals can be related to academic or character development, such as maintaining focus, sharing with others, eating independently, counting numbers, recognizing letters, reading simple words, and more. All parties (student, parents, and homeroom teachers) must sign the commitment form as proof of their dedication to achieving the goals. When the designated time arrives, all parties will review the goals to determine if they have been achieved or not. If the goals have not been met by the midpoint of the academic year, they can be extended until the end of the year.

In Stella Maris Preschool Gading Serpong, we aspire our students to become great individuals with strong characters, entrepreneurial skills and a fear of God. We highly appreciate and thank our students and parents for their contributions, which greatly contribute to the success of this program. We also hope for continued support and participation from parents so that this valuable program can be implemented in the years to come.

(Written by: Ms. Tantri Rahayuningsih – Preschool Teacher Stella Maris School Gading Serpong)

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