The Joy in Christmas: A Stella Maris special

Written by: Evan Harland (Gr 11) and Jocelyn Christabelle (Gr 10IG)

The meaning of Christmas differs from person to person, which impacts the way they celebrate this wonderful celebration. This year, Stella Maris School Gading Serpong celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with a wonderful Christmas Event. The spirit of Christmas filled the air at Stella Maris Gading Serpong as the school came together for a memorable event to celebrate this festive season. 

The festivities kicked off with a heartwarming Christmas worship that united students, teachers and parents in a spirit of togetherness and contemplation. As the sanctuary resonated with hymns and prayers the atmosphere became infused with the essence of this time. 

Following the worship service each class took stage transforming the event into a showcase of talent and creativity. Secondary Students were tasked to make a performance for each class, and were set to show off their wonderful acts on the 11th of January, 2024. Wonderful performances such as Musical Dramas, Singing, Dancing and Theater were truly the highlights of the show. With new and nostalgic songs filling the air like Feliz Navidad, All I Want for Christmas, Santa Tell Me, and many more, Stella Maris had successfully brought joy and unity to students coming from different ages. Every class made a lasting impression on everyone present. Not only did the classes participate, but the school’s CCA Band, Theater group, and Dance ensemble also added a layer of vibrancy, captivating the audience with their skillful renditions.

One unforgettable highlight of the evening was when students took turns reading poems and prayers dedicated to their parents. The audience was deeply moved by the sincerity and thoughtfulness woven into every word, forging a connection that transcended the physical boundaries of our gathering place.

It was a wonderful sight to see. The laughter and the joy of our schoolmates continued to fill the air, when they were performing, and when they saw their friends up on the stage giving their all – supporting each other like one big family. 

This Christmas Celebration will be always remembered by all of us. We love how this celebration brings so much positive energy and happiness from the people watching the event. Even if this Christmas Celebration had to come to an end, we will surely look forward to many more in the future. 

Stella Maris Gading Serpong’s Christmas celebration served as a testament to not only excellence but also to all of the participants’ dedication, to fostering holistic development that embraces love, unity and gratitude during this joyous holiday season.

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