Grade 10 Internship: Real Life Experience

Our school vision at Stella Maris School Gading Serpong is “Excellence in nurturing lifelong learners with entrepreneur characters based on Christian Values” which is supported not only by our school curriculum but also our school programs. 

A unique Internship program launched for our Grade 10 IGCSE students this year is one of the ways that we build on this vision. Since this was the first time we were doing an Internship on the Grade 1`0 IGCSE level, it was only conducted after their Term 2 Examinations as a Post-Test activity, for a total of 6 days from December 8-15, 2022. The Internship was focused on giving our Grade 10 students the opportunity to experience real life in the work field, at the same time gain knowledge in developing their future skills of communication, teamwork, creativity and critical thinking among others. 

Below were the companies that the students had the opportunity to work at: 

  1. Sekolah Musik Indonesia
  2. Damai Indah Golf
  3. Paris Dela Mode
  4. Atasnama Kopi
  5. Diginusa
  6. PT Quantum Tosan Internasional ( Quantum Springbed)
  7. International University Liason Indonesia
  8. Sampoerna University
  9. Sinotif
  10. Kirakira Kopi
  11. Ekles Clinic
  12. Engineering for Kids
  13. Beneran Indonesia

Company partners were selected by the school. Students were assigned based on the university major they were interested to take, or the character/position requirements of the company. They worked for a minimum of 6 hours, either Offline at the location or Hybrid. 

This Internship was also integrated with their Business Studies subject focusing on the different Marketing Strategies applied in their Internship companies. They were given various responsibilities such as Managing the Podcasts, Helping out with Administration work, Creating Marketing and Social Media content and Events Management. 

We believe our 10th Graders were able to get a valuable learning experience and build their spirit of entrepreneurship during the 6-day Internship. As shared on a Podcast we had about the Internship back in January 13, our 3 student speaker guests, Airani, Brendan and Ryuto, shared that one of the reasons the Internship was memorable was they learned technical skills like how to use various Digital/Marketing/Administrative equipment.  They also unexpectedly built highly important soft skills that they will use for the future such as Communication and Marketing, Customer Relations and Teamwork. They humbly learned how work life is and what workers do/go through on a daily basis. Overall, they loved and cherished the experience and highly recommended it as a Must-not-miss opportunity to learn early on in their Senior Years. 

We look forward to our next set of Internship for the Grade 10 IGCSE students next Academic Year!

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