Hello… My name is Alex Manihuruk and I’m thrilled to share my journey as a Mathematics teacher in Stella Maris Gading Serpong. As an IB teacher, teaching Mathematics AA has been quite the adventure, filled with challenges and incredible rewards. 

My aim as a teacher is to develop students’ mathematical knowledge, skills, and understanding to prepare them for higher education and real-world applications. I also want to nurture their critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and promoting logical reasoning.

To make sure that all the students participate I always try to create an engaging learning environment. My routine typically begins with a warm-up activity that either reviews previous concepts or introduces new ones. This technique helps my students make connections between different topics and reinforces their understanding. Students are also encouraged to ask questions and engage in class discussions to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.

One thing that I also enjoy teaching Mathematics AA in the IB program is the emphasis on investigation and exploration. We don’t just focus on memorizing formulas and solving equations, but rather we encourage creativity and empower students to discover mathematical patterns and formulas on their own. By engaging in investigation, students are able to dive deep into mathematical problems, fostering critical thinking and encouraging them to develop their own strategies for finding solutions. This process not only strengthens their problem-solving abilities, but also nurtures their creativity and independence.

Our Math AA classroom also embraces technology through the use of Graphic Display Calculator or interactive online platforms that provide students with an exciting way to practice their math skills.

Overall, as a math teacher at Stella Maris School, I am committed to making a difference and volunteering. By providing a supportive learning environment with projects and activities, I aim not only to facilitate academic excellence but to instill a lasting passion for mathematics in my students.

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