G12 Students Career Guidance Counselling

In Stella Maris School, one of the best programs in Senior High School is the G12 students’ Individual Career Guidance Counselling. Here the Guidance counselor allocates time to meet each student and discuss their plans, particularly their university plans.


G.12 Career counseling involves reviewing and discussing what the students have researched about their desired major and university options. We also raise the awareness of the students to be realistic with their choices and to match them with the resources they have (finance, skills, interest, and support).

A few students might face the dilemma of choosing the right-fit major. It is the moment when we encourage students to research more about the jobs they will do in the future, in addition to weighing the pros and cons of it. Our students had their Test Bakat Minat last year, and the results have really helped them recognize their strengths and passion.

This program also helps the student identify their capabilities and seek opportunities of  scholarships in the university that they want to join.

The guidance counsellor continuously monitor each of the students until they make their final decision. The school also assists in providing the necessary admission documents required from them.

In conclusion, students will receive proper career guidance, more perspectives, and are free to communicate their concerns. – Ms. Celine, SHS Guidance Counsellor

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