Be More Analytical Through IB DP Biology
by: Yansen Yonatan

Biology is the study of life. It’s the usual science subject that being taught on secondary schools. In Stella Maris, student’s are taught using IB Diploma Program. International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (DP) Biology lends itself to an experimental approach, and it is expected that this will be reflected throughout the course. IB DP Biology provide relevant preparation for students who want to earn biology degree from prestigious universities around the world. IB DP Biology can provide assistance while a student want to become research scientist, pharmacologist, ecologist, biotechnologist, or even a forensic scientist.

One of the interesting experiment is measuring enzyme activity from liver extract. Liver is known as detoxification organ which possess particular enzymes to neutralize toxin. One of it known as catalase. Catalase help in converting toxin product known as peroxide to give in gases of H2 and O2 through this chemical equation.

H2O2 àH2 + O2
Hydrogen Peroxide à Hydrogen Gas + Oxygen Gas

This experiment offer analytical approach which make students familiarize with research. On research, students are taught to set up variables of experiments. Variables of experiments consist of independent, dependent, and control variable.

  1. Independent variable – the variable that is altered during a scientific experiment.
  2. Dependent variable – the variable being tested or measured during a scientific experiment.
  3. Controlled variable – a variable that is kept the same during a scientific experiment.

Now let’s think a bit more analytical. Students want to investigate the effect of liver extract concentration to the rate of H2 and O2 formation. From this investigation, liver extract concentration is known to be independent variable which is altered during experiment. Rate of H2 and O2 formation is known to dependent which being tested or measured during experiment. The set up should be done in fair across independent variables, such like the volume of liver extract, the type of liver being used, and many mores.

Such experimental approach will improve analytical skill of the student. This is very important basis for students, as reflected from collaborative science project (CSP) and internal assessment (IA). CSP and IA is two requirements to get IB Diploma.

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