In the past two years, due to Covid 19, our Grade 11 students did not get to do one of their most awaited activities. Restrictions to travel, gathering, and the likes were the reasons why the execution of the Group 4 project did not materialize. 

With a grateful heart and with the safer situation now, Stella Maris School got the opportunity to conduct this year’s group 4 project. 

On 8-10 Feb 2023, Senior High School students from Stella Maris School Gading Serpong have a Group 4 project as part of their completion of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program requirement. The Group 4 project aims to teach the students to learn interdisciplinary science subjects -Biology, Chemical, and Physics, and perform them. This year’s G11 students were lucky to have the opportunity to conduct this project. They went to Carita Beach in Anyer to do a mini-research. They perform biological, physical, and chemical analyses of environmental factors from the beach, rocks, and sea. The Group 4 project also aims to develop students’ curiosity and enhance their research skills to prove their curiosity. Aside from doing and running the research, students had fun as well.

After doing the research, they made the report and prepared their presentation. Their output and slide presentation reflect their involvement in the activity. It enables them to perform with higher thinking skills. By having an IB group 4 project, students are one-step ahead in preparation for higher education, just like in university and college. 

This activity is one of the highlights of Stella Maris Senior High, particularly in Grade 11. This activity is close to the heart of the seniors because it also brings them close to nature. 

After the 3 days-2 nights activity in Anyer, the students spent their weekend preparing their slide presentations. The Six groups produced a collaborative output and presented it to the G10 IB students, their science teachers, and their classmates. Each group was marked both for their individual and group performance. – Mr. Yansen Yonathan (Biology Teacher)


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