Preschool Preneur Day                                                

The term Entrepreneur means : a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on  greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. As we all know this term connects to the real world of  adult role , where  mature people deal with one another whether its involves merchandise or not  to enhance their economic income.

How about Stellamaris? What are the roles of Stellamarian? How can we teach the students , our future generation to survive in the real world. In the hardship atmosphere that we face day to day and at the same time raise a child , motivate and , support them to be a winner and at the same time also to have ethics in this world. We want them to be leaders that not only to survive but also produce, be a role model for others and  finally be a blessing also.

Stellamaris vision and mission has three traits: to produce life long learners  with entrepreneur traits and base on Christian values.We have 14 Stemapreneur Characters that basically molding, equipping our students to be able to impact the nation one day. The 4 basic characters for preschoolers are : Caring, Respect, Curios, Independent. Our Stellamaris  Guardian of values , consists : Faith in God, Collaboration, Excellence, Respect, Innovation, Integrity must be implemented.  All of these are elements  of one great ingredient of completion to  be called as a Stellamarian.  How to do it?

We set up the educational and entrepreneur pathways for the students starting from an early age as an entrance for our young little minds to take their first step to be brave, to take action, to take charge, to take the lead, to have confidence, to be independent, to be able to express and articulate their feelings and opinion and be appreciated of it.

 The  Educational Pathway  are:” This Is Me”.  A strong extra out of the ordinary program where student led the conference that involves  the parents and themselves.  This is a crucial time for our children to be able to take the initiative to explain on what they have learned for the first semester in front of their parents. It is  essential for preschoolers to undergo this experience, as they learn by hands on experience. At a young age, children learn  the world around them by looking, sensing, touching,  by having to explain to the parents , to be authentique , to take control, not being afraid to make mistakes and have courage to be the active ones in front of mommy and daddy is a great BIG STEP. The power or aura of the parents who usually are dominant  switch place , since they are the student now. They need to be  reserved  and listen to their ‘Teacher’.

Not to mention we also have another program called  “My Commitment” ( Goal Setting Conference between Teachers, Parents and Students) where the students  committed to evaluate and set goals for themselves to improve their  academic or non academic skills. They are trained to take decision and have responsibility and be resilient at an early age. All these programs made so the students are on a right  track and be ready for the next gate to the next educational  pathway to higher level ( Primary).

The Entrepreneur Pathway for the students  was designed for students so they can not only to help them to survive in the real world but also equally to reach a noble outcomes. In order to save the environment , we  created  Stema Fiesta program, that’s  was aimed to  reduce, reuse recycled objects to be turned into bags,etc.  Then we invented Stema Exhibition on where the students creation were displayed for parents to see what their children had designed &  created  either for the importance of  knowledge  but also some were produced  to gain profit and share it to those in needs. We also had program Sejuta Pengusaha Cilik where the  preschool students were motivated to design their own mask during pandemic and gain profit by selling it online. We also know that Digital World is coming and plan to stay. So in order to be ready for technology, we introduce digital literacy to the childhood education  such as IT-PRENEUER, that has correlation to the next  level of path.

Now we created and implemented Preschool Preneuer Day for our young Stellamarians  to experience  their first time speaking in front of other, the students  have had their first time to deliver a message in public, on a stage, with the spot light shines upon them, in front of parents, friends, teachers. You can imagine  the experience!! Now its their time to hold the microphone, to be in control, to ignite their hidden potential talent.  The young entrepreneurs were motivated to make art craft and present it in front the adults. They had to use their creative minds to produce  a product and sell it to the parents. From toddler until K2, they made the material and were encouraged to promote, converse and engage with the parents. These activities had challenge their thinking skills, creativity, language ability, cognitive aspect, confidence, all mix together in a jar that are the manifestation of well rounded holistic education. 

They had to undergo the journey of  the Bloom Taxonomy adders of critical thinking starting from remembering, understanding, applying, analizing, evaluate and create  as every lesson and school program are created solely for the purpose of challenging  the mind of our young entrepreneur. The more challenge , the more experience they will have.Students that have had many experience , make a habit of using their analizing skills that in the end  will be a capital for them in along run. They will become  LIFE LONG LEARNER. As the world  always turns around, educating for life is a must.

The motto  for the event:  be Preschool Preneuers, Be a Blessing for others.  This motto actually unites and connect on how to be portray Faith in God, as a believe in King Jesus and act like him, to be unselfish, to be the light and shines upon others. In a world where technology becomes the queen,  choose also to be a blessing for others and that is to be the King for the people, where there should  be a  balance between give and take, countable nouns and uncountable noun, intellectual quotient and emotional quotient.

 Stellamaris School   provides and produces the best  all together learning journey that significantly will help the children when they become adults. Be a Stellamarian, Be Authentique, Be a Stellamarian Entrepreneur!! God bless us.

I am a Stellamarian I am a Value Guardian on its way to the Digital World…

By Vivid Quatricia Boer

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