Joyful Kite Flying Experience for Preschoolers at Stella Maris School Gading Serpong

Excitement filled the air as the preschoolers of Stella Maris School Gading Serpong took part in a fun kite flying activity. The clear skies and gentle breeze provided the perfect setting for the children to enjoy this traditional pastime.

This activity was organized as part of the school’s Fun Learning program, which aims to provide children with engaging and educational experiences outside the classroom under the guidance of their patient and caring teachers.

The children’s enthusiasm and laughter filled the atmosphere as they began flying their kites. The bright colors of the kites dancing in the sky seemed to reflect the joy in their hearts.
The teachers not only assisted the children in flying their kites but also used this opportunity to teach them various concepts such as wind direction, teamwork, and patience.

This kite flying activity not only provided enjoyment for the children but also offered important educational and social benefits. The children learned about science, art, and culture while also developing their gross and fine motor skills.

Moreover, playing with kites helped the children socialize and build teamwork skills. They learned to help each other and communicate effectively to ensure their kites flew high.
Through this activity, Stella Maris School Gading Serpong aims to provide children with a fun and memorable learning experience. It is hoped that through such activities, children can develop their full potential and become creative, intelligent, and well-rounded individuals.

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