A teacher is someone who teach, guide and deliver the lesson to the students.  He or she shares knowledge on a particular topic with a group of students in hopes of advancing their knowledge, skills, thinking or overall character. It is a position that can positively influence young people. Making a positive impact on youth or bettering the minds of tomorrow is what makes being a teacher is the one of the noblest profession.

Teachers create engaging lesson plan, educate students, develop and nurture their interest in education. Their responsibilities include assigning and grading homework, documenting progress and planning instructional activities. They manage class to ensure optimal learning experience for all students. They plan educational events and activities. They keep the classroom organized and clean. They accommodate the needs of their student by adapting their teaching material. They organize and attend parent- teacher meetings. They encourage students, as well as promote enthusiasm and interactive learning with positive reinforcement. After they evaluate, grade assignment, homework and test, they distribute progress card periodically. How about Stellamaris Preschool teachers?

The Teachers in Stellamaris harbor and nourishes different kind of students, they are excellent organizers, communicators, patience, creative and ignite the children’s critical thinking and at the same time increases the student’s passion and curiosity for the lesson. The most valuable and significant is, they do it wholeheartedly. Their love for the children is not only a reflection of the school vision and mission, it  becomes an emblem. Their passion for teaching and learning from the students becomes an enigma. They also actively engage with the parents before, during even after the pandemic to give the best learning experience for the children. The teachers are the soul of education. They are the heart that ignite the light, spirit of the children. They developed a deep, seeded connection to the students only for the best interest of the children.

The triangle connection between Teachers-Parents-Students it is essential especially in Preschool Education. As our young minds have not fully developed their independence and also in a process to socially-emotionally and physically balance. The Parents and teacher have worked hard and hand in hand as equal partner to make the educational path for the students run smooth. Just like a plant, each party watered and harvest the fruit of education. So in making the relationship stronger with the Teachers, at Teachers Day, a day when Teachers being celebrated and honored, the Parents, Students, and Teachers did an awesome collaboration.

The tribute for teachers done by the Parents were  variety of nature, in appreciating Teachers Day, The Parents switched places, they become the teachers and teach the students. They taught the students to perform fashion show, singing, dancing, playing games and implemented a drama which include the parents impersonating the teachers. The atmosphere in Teachers day become vigorously spirited, it was an adventurous unforgettable moment when the students and parents deliver the message of gratitude and love towards their caretaker in school. After all, the teachers are also the children’s mother at school. The children were nurtured and led and taught to be independent, have respect, caring, follow through their curiosity because they are our future generation, one day when they grow up, they will become great leaders. We need to empower the children, maximizing their potential and transforming the world with impact.

 It is an everlasting bond that is needed to be strengthened and appreciated. This event also marked and supported our founding education father principle: Ki Hajar Dewantara: A Leader  must be able to be role model. In leading the students through their educational path, a leader must lead in front, be pro- active and supported them in the end.

Thank you Stella Maris Preschool Teachers, Thank you Stellamaris Preschool  Parents, Thank you Stellamaris Preschool Students for the greatest teaching and learning  journey that we have had together.

By Vivid Quatricia Boer

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