STEMA GS Secondary Department captivates the STEMA Community with “Grease the Musical”

By Ms. Nadia Kathleen T. Manalaysay, English Language/Global Perspective teacher

“We go together like rama lama ka dinga da dinga dong!” … one of the most striking lines from the songs rendered in Grease the Musical production of the secondary department in Stella Maris Gading Serpong.

As part of the secondary department’s annual musical production, some select secondary students of STEMA GS showcased their singing, dancing, and acting talents in their adaptation of one of the best-renowned musicals of all time—“Grease the Musical” by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, at the Getsemani Auditorium, last May 21, 2024,

This recent production was a great success, with audiences delighted by the students’ performances and efforts. Set in the lively 1950s, “Grease” follows the innocent Sandy Dumbrowski and the rebellious Danny Zuko as they navigate the vicissitudes of adolescent life and love at Rydell High School. The talented students brought this timeless narrative to life with fire and sincerity.

Twelve of the cast members were mostly from the senior high school, while seven of them were from the juniors. Wyi Soo Jin and Brendan Eddyson, both eleventh graders, played the lead roles of Sandy Dumbroski and Danny Zuko respectively. Both made stunning and remarkable performances with their powerful vocals and acting competence through their songs “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” “Sandy,” and “You’re the One that I Want.”

Wyi Soo Jin remarked, “Playing Sandy in the musical made me realize that there’s no point in living if you don’t take a few chances. Love can happen between anyone when you least expect it like Sandy and Danny. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who watched and supported us today.”

Brendan Eddyson said, “My role as Danny in the musical was a new and enriching experience for me. I learned a lot from Danny’s easygoing nature and the perseverance of his love with Sandy. I hope the audience enjoyed the musical and that it exceeded everyone’s expectations. Thank you everyone for watching today.”

The supporting ensemble, which included the vibrant Pink Ladies and the raucous T-Birds, lent dimension and intensity to the performance. Dylan Lemuel, another eleventh grader, gave a remarkable performance as Kenickie, particularly in the high-energy number “Greased Lightnin’.” While, Naomi Gomaidi, also from Grade 11, added spark and flair to her part as Betty Rizzo, wowing the audience with her performance of “These are Worse Things I Could Do.”

“Betty Rizzo, a character with very strong emotional feelings, was very fun to learn and incorporate some elements of my personality when playing her. She taught me that even people with very strong characters had a soft side to them. I surely relate to her and hope that my intentions of showing Rizzo as a character would reach the audience well,” Naomi Gomaidi added.

The other cast members who were also remarkable in their roles were Valentinus Jovan Harjanto as Doody, Owen Prayoga Ng as Roger, Beatrix Hutabarat as Jan, Shaelynn Chang as Marty, Chloe Gwynneth Hia as Frenchy, Regina Sherly Chan as Sonny, Racheline Andisuwa as Patty Simcox, Ryuto Kayo as Eugene Florczyk, Margaret Aurora Collibry as Vanna Fontaine/ Samantha, Jocelyn Lyv Artinda as Mary Jo, Naomi Allegra as Mary Jane, Margareta Maria Tiany Kamali as Miss Lynch/ Lauren, Eliana Sammar Gultom as Alice, Abigaile Lovenia Joy as April/ The Coach, and Revia Emanuella Jono as Lori.

The school’s production team’s behind-the-scenes work contributed significantly to the performance’s success with their artistic abilities in making the props. The stage design transported the audience back to the 1950s. 

Ms. Nadia Kathleen T. Manalaysay, director and person-in-charge of the musical, expressed her satisfaction with the students and the community’s support. “Seeing the cast’s and crew’s hard work paying off in such a magnificent way has been extremely rewarding for all of us. We only had more than a month to conceptualize, plan, and practice all the routines. Their dedication and enthusiasm have truly made this production unique and astonishing,” she said.

Stella Maris Gading Serpong Secondary Department’s “Grease the Musical” not only entertained but also demonstrated the brilliant talent and dedication of its students, leaving an indelible impression on all who attended. 

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