“It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” – William Thomas Ellis 

Cheers and good tidings from Stella Maris School (Gading Serpong) and the organizers of the Christmas Charity Exhibition held at the Getsemani Hall last December 13 and 14, 2022. This event was organized to raise money for charity. All proceeds will go to Gereja Maria Benteng Gading and the victims of the Cianjur earthquake.

Students from the different academic departments (Preschool, Primary, and Secondary levels) participated in the said event. The event featured several noteworthy student projects from preschool to secondary levels. These projects were selected to exhibit the students’ artistry in their different class activities. The projects were sold at a reasonable price to the visitors, their parents, and other students as well.

The students from the Secondary Department displayed their worthwhile projects in ITPreneur, Visual Arts, Engineering for Kids, Photography competition, and Photography CCA.

Marvel Holly Indrawijaya, a Senior Student from Grade 12 St. Fabian stated, “The Christmas Charity Event was very interesting as I was able to view all the artworks of students from various grades. I was able to contribute some of my photographic works myself and that was a great experience and an opportunity for me to highlight my work. This event does not only accomplish its purpose for charity but also provided a platform for students to share and have their work appreciated.”

“During the event, I purchased a candle product that was handmade by primary students. It was decorated with various shapes. The one I received had a small heart candle, which I found to be cute,” he added.

Several teachers and students welcomed the guests and toured them in the hall. Some students eagerly gave a background of the projects displayed so the visitors would be enticed to purchase them.

Looking around the hall, one could find different projects like mugs, paintings, printed T-shirts, photographs, and many others. There was also a booth for our student leaders, Student Council and Leo Club where the students sold chocolate dessert with crushed ice and milk, snacks which the young students enjoyed eating.

Shawn Tjandra, a Junior High Student from Grade 7A said, “I bought the crushed ice with chocolate on top. I supported the event because it’s all about donating money for charity, so people can live better lives.”

The event did not only boost the morale of the students seeing their projects on display but also taught them the value of generosity and sharing with others. 

Parents and other visitors were also delighted to see their children’s masterpieces. The hall served as a perfect place to manifest the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of generosity. Indeed, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

-Ms. Nadia, Secondary English/Global Perspectives Teacher-

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