Performance Art Taps Creativity

By: Ms. Nina Fuentes-Genardo, Secondary Principal


Yearly, the Secondary unit of Stella Maris Gading Serpong works with professionals to provide creative workshops that trains various life skills in our students. The Musical Theater workshops were born during the pandemic time through hybrid learning, as a way for our students to experience theater performance and have fun at a tough time. 

This year, we were excited to work with the prestigious theater group, (Connection Production) for our Musical Theater workshops with our Secondary students. The Connection group is responsible for numerous theater productions since 2016. They are actively involved in building theater skills in various Preschool-University level schools in Tangerang including other theater communities. They have handled more than 100 theater performances from these schools and communities. This year we have worked with them for our CCA Theater continuing on to the Musical Theater workshops with our Grade 7-9 and 10-11 IB students last May 15-16, 2024. 

The Musical Theater Workshops focused on building 3 performance art skills: Singing, Dancing and Acting.  All of these skills when developed provide physical and mental health benefits, improves self-confidence and gives insight to other cultures through the different styles. Each Grade level had the chance to learn songs, musical styles, and choreography from the Grease Musical this year. 

Rivina of Grade 7 quotes “Hari ini seruh banget, seruh-seruh banget, kami diajarin acting, dance sama nyanyi” Edtzel, another 7th grader also says “Hari ini aktifitas nya sangat seruh dan enak bisa belajar begituan”.

During the 3 hour workshops, students were divided into 3 groups, Acting, Dancing and Singing, they practiced using the assigned ‘Grease Musical’ song immediately with their specific coaches from Connection Production. Students felt challenged building skills that they’ve barely used throughout the year and had a different experience learning choreography in a short amount of time. 

Representatives were chosen for each grade level to do a simple performance using what they have learned from the workshop as an opener to our Secondary Drama Musical last May 21. The performances, though brief, showed that our students are talented and quick to learn. The students generally showed enjoyment in being part of a musical even as an opening performance, with parents and fellow Secondary students cheering them on. 

These Musical Theater Workshops are a uniquely artistic platform for learning at Stella Maris Gading Serpong, that we are proud to continue on in the future. Giving students a venue to express themselves outside of regular classes. We look forward to next year’s performances!!!

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