The Benefits of Covid-19 Global Pandemic


With the global proliferation of Covid-19, people around the world are instructed to be quarantined and carry a “social distancing” protocol in order to prevent furthermore infections. This decision forces workers and students to continue their jobs and learnings at home. This method has yet to be used before and is quite a life-changing for everyone. Nevertheless, it brings a lot of benefits to us. As we stayed at home most of the time, more hours are spent together with families thus it helps build stronger bonds between family members. In my personal experience, I grow closer to my family as the time we spent gives us more chances to do more stuff together and enjoy each other’s presence. Problems between us are also fixed during the quarantine. Though it is a personal problem, surely other families undergo similar situations.


Quarantine gives us a whole new life experience. People including me are changing their lifestyles into a more positive aspect. Since Covid-19 is known to be very contagious, people are now turning very paranoid as they are scared to be infected by the so-called virus. Their paranoid thoughts make them be more aware of the importance of washing hands, cleaning up, and overall being clean. They are also changing their previous diet into a healthier one and regularly consuming essential vitamins. These create habits that help improve a person’s health and immune system, reducing the risk of having Covid-19.


The businesses that supply necessity are thriving as people are demanding more of their products throughout their time of the pandemic. People tend to need more home supplies as they are isolating in their homes. Groceries shopping is also done more frequently since most restaurants are closed, so people need to cook their own food at home. Though some people dislike the idea of cooking their own food, it is actually safer and healthier this way. Since we are the one who cook, we can be sure of the hygiene and health benefits of the foods. We are unable to do that if we buy foods from restaurants as we do not know how the foods are made.


Through this article, we can say that the global pandemic can also bring positive impacts for us and our society. As the Covid-19 outbreak brings danger, prayers are given to everyone to be safe and healthy.


Priscilla Liang

Grade 10A IB Stella Maris School Gading Serpong

“Stella Maris Selalu Selangkah Ke Depan Dalam Memberikan Pelayanan dan Pendidikan Terbaik”

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