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Remember Howard Gardner?

He produced the idea and theory of multiple intelligences. The theory proposes the differentiation of human intelligence into specific intelligences rather than defining intelligence as  a single , general ability. 

The Multiple Intelligences consists of Being Musical Smart, Being Bodily Kinesthetic Smart, Being Interpersonal Smart ( People Smart), Being Verbal Linguistic Smart (Word Smart), Being Logical- Mathematical Smart, Being Naturalistic Smart, Being Interpersonal Smart ( Self Smart), Being Visual –Spatial ( Picture Smart).

Multiple Intelligences refers to a theory describing the  different ways students learn and acquire information. These multiple intelligences range from the use of words, numbers, pictures and music, to the important of social interaction, introspection, physical movement and being in tune with nature. 

This theory fits well with Stellamaris Preschool Curriculum, where our aims are to implement Holistic Education that can unravel each child hidden potential in any areas/subjects. We want our young Stellamarians to have thinking skills, creativity, language ability, cognitive aspect, confidence and able to know how to express and deliver the message to people accurately and positively  impactful  to others. 

In Stella Maris  Preschool we have a program: This is Me, a unique program that was made to focus on the child’s outcome, and boost their confidence and independence  at an early age by being able to take a  main part as a teacher in parents-students report conference.

When a child as a student has the initiative, willingly and boldly take the lead, in charge of his or her own course of action, adamantly  converse with their parents in a formal setting and be not afraid to make error but  fluently and naturally give their thought, opinion, report and  inform on what they have learned over the past semester at school, without hesitant, that is the Turning Point of her/his level of independence and maturity.

This program is a trigger for the young learners to have the responsibility of their work at school, to be able to think, put two and two together, to think of the words for the names of objects in explaining, to remember their work , the process, the steps and to explain why, is a very crucial process to undergo and every child should experience it. Its urgent  because it will give the first experience of them evaluating their work, express their feeling also but most of all  its is the first step of their effort on how to organize their explaining/ answers, to be a problem solver , to sharpen their self control and direction in front of the adults.

We aimed for the students to develop their Linguistic Intelligence in responding, digesting, delivering information as the gateway to other multiple  intelligence that are being sharpened and developed also. The Parents will listen, observe and evaluate on their child’s level of understanding and knowledge on all subjects that the child had  learn and shared through the student learning conference  /T.I.M session.


They will explain their experience ; their discovery in Science, how, why and the uses of  their five senses in observing and evaluating simple laws of nature, their mathematical calculation by explaining the counting whether its addition or subtraction of an object, express their creativity through art, singing and dancing, through physical (sport)  where they need to release their abundant energy of a young kid. In explaining ,they will use the first order of thinking skill, to remember the lesson, as explaining, their level of understanding will be tried & challenged, they will try to apply it, analyzing together with the parents, making evaluation and creating  ( problem solving ) in the end. Its is a process. A process ,that can be an example for the child later on through her/his  journal of lesson and life.

These are the traits of holistic education that is important to be developed.

They will be aware  on how the adult reacts to their explanation, but at the same time, the term of This is Me Presentation to the parents is aim for the kids  not only to be recognized by the parents but also to be accepted, as every  child learn at their own rate. The adult’s patient & support is very crucial for the children as the program not only focuses on the output but also mainly rest upon the process. 

 Each of “This is Me Presentation” from a child is unique, interesting, beneficial, fun and most of all, memorable. Its an educational investment for our life long learners.


I am a Stellamarian I am a Value Guardian 

By Vivid Quatricia Boer

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