Stemapreneur Festival: Creating Businesses that make an Impact

by Ms. Jul Yanti, Business Studies/Management Teacher


The success of a business is greatly dependent on its entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who takes the financial risk of starting and managing a new business venture. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, one must be ready to take a risk and invest one’s own savings into a business. 

Entrepreneurship is a driving force behind economic progress, innovation, and societal change. The benefits of entrepreneurship to the entrepreneur are attaining skill-sets, financial freedom, and networking with influential people.


Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in both everyday life and society as a whole for several reasons; Innovation and Creativity. Entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of innovation, creating new products, services, and solutions to address societal needs and challenges.


Stella Maris School Gading Serpong holds the annual Secondary Stemapreneur Exhibition every February, as one of the events to facilitate the students in implementing the theories into practice. It highlighted students’ work in their Business Studies/Business Management, ITpreneur, Visual Art and Coding subjects. 


When it comes to starting your own business you’ll need a roadmap, a business plan. You will need a business plan to define how you intend to make it happen. The Secondary students in Stella Maris School Gading Serpong presented their business plan in a group and the winners got the chance to have their business booth selling food, drinks and accessories. 


The inspiring artwork from the Grade 7-8 and International Baccalaureate students Visual Arts classes were on display and for a Charity sale. Our ITpreneur subject, a 3 year program collaboration with Diginusa that combines IT and Business had the 7th graders creative Design products printed on mugs, fridge magnets and shirts, also all sold for Charity. The Best Projects from our new intracurricular subject of Coding this academic year, in partnership with Koding Next was also on display. 


The students also got the chance to listen to some sharing sessions from well experienced parents about the real business world. A day full of precious learning from our Parentpreneurs, and our students who have the chance to apply all these business skills into something practical as celebrated in our Stemapreneur Exhibition.


The Stemapreneur exhibition helps students develop a range of skills and competencies that are valuable in both their personal and professional lives. It not only teaches them how to think creatively and critically, how to identify and solve problems, it also shows them how to take calculated risks.


Series of competitions were held, performances and also winner awarding were added to the joyful atmosphere of the celebration to appreciate students work. It enhanced the motivation for learners to push themselves further, setting higher goals and standards for themselves. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and improved performance. 

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