Stemapreneur Exhibition

February 24, 2024


“Entrepreneurship is currently a prevailing trend, referring to individuals who generate income by initiating their own businesses, particularly when this involves recognizing new opportunities and taking risks. It encompasses big goals, grand ideas, the journey, the ups-and-downs, and more, demanding hard work, effective communication, and various skills. Entrepreneurship offers valuable lessons in many aspects.

Stella Maris School Gading Serpong, known as the School of Future Entrepreneurs, acknowledges the importance of introducing entrepreneurial skills to students from a very young age. The earlier students are exposed to entrepreneurship, the easier it becomes for them to develop these skills. Aligned with our vision, “Excellence in Nurturing Lifelong Learners with Entrepreneurial Characters based on Christian Values,” we are committed to providing opportunities for students to learn how to be entrepreneurs with the goal of being a blessing to others.

Our approach involves sharing knowledge among students through various activities and programs. One such annual program is Stemapreneur, held once a year as a platform for students to assume roles as young entrepreneurs. In the Academic Year 2023/2024, we celebrated the Stemapreneur Event with the Stemapreneur Exhibition 2024 on February 24, 2024, in the Getsemani Auditorium. This year’s exhibition was dedicated to charity.

The process began in the third week of January 2024, where students were assigned to create products with the guidance of teachers. Each class had individual projects completed by each student and a collaborative class project emphasizing teamwork. Starting from scratch, students worked with raw materials, learning patience and diligence. The class project, sold through an auction program, reinforced the importance of teamwork.

Even after the conclusion of the Stemapreneur event, the experience remains a memorable and valuable learning journey for the students. This is especially true when students comprehend that the primary goal of the event is charity, aimed at helping those in need.

From class activities to real projects, we hope our students gain insights into entrepreneurship and become blessings that impact nations. May God bless all the young entrepreneurs at Stella Maria School Gading Serpong, and may His grace be with us always. See you at the next Stemapreneur event!”

Written by Debbie Veronika Susanto/Preschool Teacher

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