Stella Maris is a Catholic school that upholds the quality of education and learning through the best curriculum used and also qualified educators. Not only that, Stella Maris also prioritizes cooperation with various partners as a form of development and branding.

One of Stella Maris’ partners is Bethsaida Hospitals. Bethsaida Hospitals is a middle to up class hospital located in Gading Serpong Area. In addition to having an appropriate market segment and a location that is also adjacent to Stella Maris, Bethsaida Hospitals also supports various programs owned by Stella Maris, one of which is the Open Table activity which is usually held by Stella Maris and cooperates with Bethsaida as a partner.

Another form of activity held is education and health education through talk shows or podcasts both held by Bethsaida and Stella Maris. Both education and health are industries that play an important role in improving the quality and quality of human life. For this reason, through this well-developed collaboration. In the future, there will be more cooperation between Stella Maris and Bethsaida Hospital.

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