As an entrepreneur school, we continuously give the best for the students. Because entrepreneurship teaches our students not just how to earn money, but also how to be skilled in any subject.

In the Entrepreneur lesson, students learn how to be a good person with a good personality, constantly appreciate and value everything around them, always strive, and do what is their responsibility to achieve amazing outcomes. They also learn how to collaborate with others and be a good leader so that students are constantly ready to process diverse things creatively and provide amazing ideas. Students are also taught and given the understanding to constantly conduct integrity and preserve high values – good values – as proof that they are students who are obedient to God.

All of this is an application of the Stella Maris school’s values. By adhering to these ideals, the student is expected to be excellent in all areas, with outstanding results.

Entrepreneurial learning is packed into our school in a unique and interesting way. PrimeZania is an entrepreneurial lesson that incorporates all students so that they can directly experience the entrepreneurship process. Begin by generating ideas for money-making activities in the classroom. Following that, they adorn the booth, and on the day of its implementation, they work together to sell products, assist the booth games, and so on.

What’s in PrimeZania?

Food and Drink Booth: Students prepare food or drinks in this booth

Accessories Booth: In this booth, students strive to entice customers to purchase the booth.

Booth Games: In this booth, students act as staff, explaining how to play and recruiting guests to play in their booth.

Cinema : staff at the booth cinema are lower-level students. After people purchased tickets, they examined their tickets and welcomed them into the cinema. They then cleaned the movie room so it could be utilized again.


All activities in PrimeZania aim to offer an outstanding experience to all Stella Maris School students, so they are ready to face the future. They are equipped with values to form good morals and become individuals who are always submissive and fearful of God.



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