Engineering for Kids enhances Science classes

By: Mr. Frans Aryawan Rambe

Cambridge and IB Physics teacher

Engineering is the field that helps us in solving problems in the world by inventing machines and applying fundamentals to come up with a new idea. Often when I got the chance, I used to take a screwdriver remove all the parts of an object even though I was never able to put it together.

Children are very much excited about their new toys but only lasts for maximum of a month, after that children start to get bored and open up their toys. Often, I had curiosity on various technological elements and learning how they work. I think it helped me in evolving and doing things differently and uniquely. No matter what background of engineering we are studying, every background eventually has to work together. For example, when we talk about machines, what materials do we have to use and what should be the composition of those materials? When we analyze whether it reacts with chemicals or products generated, that is Metallurgical and Chemical engineering coming into place. For electrical components, circuits and for communication of the device, we require the knowledge of Electrical, Electronics and Communication. For designing the machine and knowing the mechanics and coding we require the knowledge of Mechanical and Computer engineering.

Science lessons, especially physics, can be a scary thing for students because Physics requires good analysis and mathematical skills. To stimulate children’s interest in Physics in our Cambridge IGCSE Program here are Stella Maris School Gading Serpong, we have worked with Engineering for Kids since 2 years ago. Engineering for Kids focuses on providing students with activities that explore topics of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

In their Engineering for Kids sessions, students learn how to implement their studied theories into an object used in real life. They construct a device based on the topic they had during the class. Materials are provided for them to construct the devices and are guided by teachers from EFK.

For example, in Grade 7 Physics, since they are learning about density, the students made a sail boat model which have to be able to float in the water. And in grade 10, as students learn about motor electricity, their projects in Engineering for Kids is about constructing an electrical circuit that can move using a Battery and motor dynamo. They really enjoyed the Engineering for Kids sessions as it opened their eyes about the importance of Physics theory in our daily life. I found this program really helped me a lot in order to stimulate their interest in science.

We’ve provided our students here at Stella Maris with these practical applications in our Cambridge IGCSE classes so they are not only strengthened theoretically but can also apply what they have learned. Just like my interest to open up my toys with my screwdriver when I was little, the Engineering for Kids sessions also gives that similar experience to our students.

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