Integrity in Daily Activities

Living in today’s modern era is very tempting. Everything seems to be created quickly for the people who consume it. Especially with the current world of social media. Whatever we want to look for, just open our cellphone or laptop, then press the button to click on what we want… then in no time everything will be available to us. Sometimes…we don’t need to search, instead advertisements come to us via cellphone and provide various offers. Everyone is competing to offer all the needs, including the needs for our children instantly. This often indirectly results in children who cannot stand the test of problems and situations both at home and at school.

Facing a reality like this, one of the important values ​​that can bridge our children’s mental readiness so that they are not easily absorbed in change is having integrity.

What is Integrity?

Integrity is honesty and consistency in actions, words, and values. When someone has integrity, it means they act in accordance with the moral and ethical values ​​they hold without taking into account the consequences or pressure from others. For children, integrity forms a strong basis for making good, sustainable decisions.

Why is Integrity Important for Children? Here are some reasons we can get:

  1. Character Building:

Integrity helps shape children’s character. By having the right values ​​and being responsible, children can build a strong foundation of character.

  1. Trust:

Children who practice integrity tend to gain the trust of friends, teachers, and parents. Trust is a key element in human relationships.

  1. Independence:

Having integrity means having the ability to make your own decisions based on personal values. This helps children become independent and not easily influenced by pressure from peers or the environment.

The family is the main place where integrity is taught and implemented. The family is the first environment where children understand moral and ethical values. Children who grow up in a family environment where their parents have set an example of honesty, responsibility, openness, consistently giving consequences for every action, introducing independence, and always teaching moral values ​​to their children, will definitely have clear behavior. different from children who tend to be ignored by their parents in these matters.

So that young children do not increasingly lose the basic value of integrity, schools as much as possible also introduce these things in every learning process in the classroom, for example teaching children to tell the teacher honestly about what they see or do. Likewise, children are taught to be ready to accept the consequences if they make a mistake or do something good. Children are also invited to be responsible for the things they own, etc. All of these processes are part of the school’s efforts to help instill the value of integrity from an early age in children and need to be done in a fun way. If this has been implemented, then it is not impossible that the slogan my identity will become something our children like.


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