G12 Recollection
by Gilbert Alexander Husin


The recently conducted G12 recollection was a powerful experience focused on uncovering our true selves. The theme was all about self-awareness and personal growth. We started with some ice-breaking activities and small games to ease into the process. These were fun and helped us feel more relaxed and comfortable around each other. Then, we moved on to more serious tasks where we had to write about our strengths, weaknesses, hopes, and worries. Sharing these personal reflections in small groups was both daunting and liberating. The highlight of the day was the final activity where we passed around notebooks and wrote our thoughts about each person in the group.


The most memorable part of the recollection was definitely the notebook exercise. It was incredibly moving to read what our friends thought about us. This activity stood out because it provided a rare chance to see ourselves through different perspectives. It was touching to see the positive things our friends noticed about us, some of which we hadn’t even considered. Writing about our friends and reading their thoughts made us feel deeply connected and appreciated.


From this recollection, we gained several important insights. First, self-reflection is crucial. Writing down our strengths and weaknesses helped us understand ourselves better. It made us realize the importance of being honest with ourselves about where we excel and where we need to improve. Second, the power of positive feedback was evident. Knowing that our friends see good qualities in us boosted our confidence. This made us appreciate the value of giving and receiving encouragement.


Talking about our hopes and worries was really helpful. Sharing our hopes made us feel more confident about our dreams, and talking about our worries showed us that others had similar fears. This sharing brought us closer together and created a supportive and understanding environment within our group.

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