G11 Students visit Goethe Institut Jakarta

By Jovan and Ryuto, G11 St. Ernest


German Ab Initio provides opportunities for students not only to learn the German language but to also dive into their cultures.  One of the most recent activities that our Grade 11IB students attended was visiting a German Institute in Jakarta, and hosting an open house event called Alles Goethe! 

Last 10th of September, we, Grade 11IB students, were invited to go to Goethe-Institut Jakarta, by our teacher Ms. Tabitha, to further widen our views regarding German culture and learn more about its language. The open house that was hosted by Goethe-Institut Jakarta provided a large variety of fun activities for those who participated in the event, to present the cultures of Germany excitingly and memorably. We participated in several events such as listening to other students reading German poetry and joining a one-hour German lesson for beginners.

Listening to other students recite German poetry while trying their best to express the meanings behind the poem with plays and their emotions was an interesting experience for us all, especially since we were only recently exposed to the German language and its culture. After that activity, some of us participated in a quiz that gave us the chance to free course lessons by Goethe-Institut Jakarta. The quiz was about general knowledge in Germany, such as how many countries speak Deutsch, how many countries border Germany, and other similar questions. Afterward, we had our one-hour trial German lessons that we had were helpful for us, since we were able to review what we had already learned with Ms. Tabitha.  We learned about the very basics of communicating with others in the German language, such as how to introduce ourselves and how to ask common questions. The teacher who taught us during the courses was very calm and interactive with us, the students, and made the lessons very active. 

During the event, we also tried the different edibles that are popular in Germany. Since we were early to the event, we were all given free pretzels for us to try out. Along with that, our teacher and guardian, Ms. Tabitha, also bought us German snacks that she had previously eaten during her time in Germany. The snacks that she bought us were delicious and were able to give us a glimpse of what German snacks are like. 

In the end, this open house event was a very enjoyable and exciting experience for all of us. If there was another event like this near our location, we would participate again.


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