G.12 IB Goal-Setting Conference

At the beginning of October 2023, Stella Maris Gading Serpong IB Curriculum ran its annually conducted Goal-Setting Conference. This program was intended for our G.12 IB students who opted for the Diploma program. We invited the student, their parents, DPC, the counselor, and all the teachers from the six groups to discuss in more detail about the student’s progress in class throughout the academic year. 

In addition to teaching in class, It is essential for the teachers to provide constructive feedback. Each of the six group teachers commented on the student’s work, assessment, progress, and tips for their study plan. Students were also encouraged to discuss their concerns in that certain subject area to aim for improvement and consistency. Valuable feedback given by the teachers will help them to prepare for the IB Exam, which is beneficial for university admission.

Being an independent and responsible learner are two of the profiles of an IB student. At the end of the session, students were challenged to set goals for themselves with the prompts given by the counselor, such as determining which subjects need more improvement, tasks to complete next, target scores for each subject, and their progress with EE and TOK. This taught them to set priorities strategically with effective time-management. 

A good progress may not happen without the active involvement of the supporting parties. Thus, we emphasize the parents’ role aside from the students’ own contribution. Parents may discuss with the respective teacher and also receive reassurance for their concerns. Most importantly, the feedback given by each teacher may enable the parents to monitor their child’s progress at home. 

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