Exploring emotional links and creativity that define an object is an artwork. The exhibition connects the artists’ way of communicating with the audience about their concepts and meanings. In February 20-21, 2023, Stella Maris School Gading Serpong G12 Students held a visual art exhibition as part of their group 6 requirement under the IB Diploma Program for Visual Arts Subject and as a presentation of their journey in these two years preparing. Elements was the title of the 2-day Art exhibition. 

The Visual art students namely-Angelia Permata Layarda, Sharon Maulynn Suwandi, Tiffany Angelicia Setiawarga, Jeslyn Irliani, and Giosia Maco, prepared the artworks based on the theme Nature and Landscape. This theme represents how the students live with nature, as a presentation of our emotions in each collection piece shows the features which include scenery and how we see perspectives. As I grow old I realize that we are living with the surroundings of Nature both the elements and the view that live together in this world of nature. An activity of Nature does hold and needs kinds of principles in life. As the people, activity, and the living creatures nor the unliving that completes its definition of the view in life that combine as one element. The second theme that it holds is a landscape which is also a part of the surface of the earth that can be viewed through visions and identity of the shape itself. To connect this artwork to a personal connection to real-life situations I embraced these artworks through both personal beliefs and perspectives of ideas: Identity, Activity, Impression, Principles, and Purity of Love. Through these perspectives I want people to see the identity of the living principles in nature and be more appreciative of defining life. 

The objective of this exhibition is to show people how we ensure that we explore the pieces that would want to express the creation we made with our own emotions and inspirations. Where it allows us to be courageous in determining our creativity in the layout and designs of each process. Moreover, we would like people to see how each piece has its definition and principles of ideas through each artwork of the students. The layout of the display of the art works was by the size and color schema to be gratifying by the series of art works, arrangement of the art works from left to right is by focusing on the color schema, perspectives were to be different.  Therefore, I didn’t put the series in order. Some were arranged on the table for the smaller pieces placed in front of the centerpieces.

Every process has its challenges for us as students. However, in my opinion, the requirement for the students in HL is around 9-15 pieces, as for the SL it took around 2-6 pages, which will also be needed as our different styles of exploring our artwork such as digital creation, 3D installation, 2D formation, etc. This process was challenging, as the 2023 batch got a hybrid experience between Online Learning and Onsite for a year. During the online session, we must complete the requirement based on communication online and mostly guided by our knowledge. Furthermore, the time is very limited to be consistent especially since i decided to take HL and need around 9 Pieces in total with a stated requirement in size as well. 


Through a long journey, I thought that the whole process needed a lot of sacrifice towards the things I had to do outside the assignments. 

While explaining one every piece of my art works, I feel the interest of the audience through my drawings which allows me to be more courageous I believe that my journey has paid off and I don’t regret sacrificing my time to be consistent in the pieces that I have created. The visitors who show their contribution and curiosity through the artwork make me and the other art students feel appreciated for what we did and, it motivates me to create more pieces. The expressions and interpretations of the audience during the art exhibit confirmed that I was able to convey the message in my art works the way I planned them. I, also hope that this exhibition would bring me experiences that I learned for the future in the art industries or even to present our branding system. 

So far, I managed to succeed in utilizing how the exhibition brought me me further experience in communication through visual works, and I am happy with the decision I made towards the journey and contribution I have made to the visual arts subject in IB. The preparation of the art works was quite a challenging process as it needed consistency, and a lot of times, I had to get myself back up to continue my work and, I believe that it is not easy for us, especially during our online meeting. In spite of everything, the art students learn teamwork, and we realize that this process was something that will guide us in the future. Most of all, I discovered that I have conviction. I realized that if I needed to pursue something regarding my interest, I should be constant and should not give up through the challenges, which motivates me to pursue this career path and makes me confident that I can present my artwork in confidence as much as I did in the exhibitions. Due to many artists influences me and bring impact in this field, I would like to be one of them in the future and take this experience as a memorable process with my Visual Art friends, I could also get critiques and learn from it. – Sharon Maulynn Suwandi, G12 VA Student

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