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Most teachers realize that it is difficult to keep students motivated, interested, and focused during a lesson. Lack of motivation can lead to decreased academic performance and a negative classroom atmosphere. This challenge is even more acute in higher education, where classes are large and interaction is limited. Educational research has shown that students who actively participate in learning activities learn more than passive students. Additionally, there is ample evidence that student engagement in courses improves understanding and learning outcomes.

 There are several approaches to making lessons more interactive, including dividing the class into small groups, polling the audience, using (systematic) audience feedback, presenting situations for students to solve, using written materials, and organizing debates, reaction workshops, and conferences, use simulations and role plays, use video and audio-visual aids and use effective presentation skills.

 One of the interactive programs that is widely used by the school is Koobits.The concept of Koobits is to combine SRS, the existing technical infrastructure in schools, and the fact that students bring together their own digital devices, social networks and games on a single learning platform. Koobits’ goal is to increase engagement, motivation, enjoyment and focus to improve learning performance and classroom dynamics. Boredom in computer-based learning environments can lead to poorer learning and behavioral problems. Koobits is a fun learning platform used to review student knowledge, formative assessments, or  a break from traditional classroom activities.

Koobits offers a comprehensive learning management system tailored specifically for primary students, revolutionizing the way mathematics is taught and absorbed at the foundational level. This program is designed to engage young minds in a dynamic and interactive learning experience, making math enjoyable and accessible. Through a user-friendly interface, primary students can access a diverse range of math resources, including interactive lessons, games, and exercises, all aligned with the primary school curriculum. The platform utilizes a gamified approach to foster a positive learning environment, encouraging students to tackle mathematical challenges with enthusiasm and creativity. With progress tracking features, teachers and parents can monitor each student’s performance and provide targeted support, ensuring personalized learning journeys for every child.

Adaptive learning strategies are included in the Koobits learning management system, which goes beyond conventional teaching approaches. This indicates that the curriculum provides individualized content that caters to each student’s learning needs while also adjusting to their pace and level of comprehension. Rich multimedia content on the site, such as interactive simulations and animated films, improves conceptual comprehension and helps to demystify difficult mathematical ideas. Koobits gives elementary kids the tools they need to build a solid foundation in mathematics, paving the way for future academic achievement and cultivating a lifetime love of learning. This is achieved by fusing technology with pedagogical skills.

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