Hello Dear Parents, 

Have you ever really wanted to know the talents and interests of your children, what are their potentials so that they can be developed, are there allergies that can hinder their growth, how to arrange the most appropriate nutrition for my child?

And there are still a series of questions related to our children, which we really want to know, as parents who really care and love their children. 

Have you ever experienced that situation, dear moms and dads? 

Come on, we invite parents to attend and discuss together in the Parenting Seminar which is held offline. This time, Stema GS collaborates with Asaren, which can help parents communicate with their children through DNA Test. There is so much that can be known about our children through this is DNA Test, a new thing that is very interesting to explore thoroughly 

In addition, there is still Dr. Febry Sidjaja, who will share with us about “The Power of Love ” 

What are you waiting for?


Saturday, February 11th
 09.00 – 11.00
Getsemani Auditorium
Stella Maris Gading Serpong

Guest Speaker :
* dr. Catherine Thahjadi from Asaren
* dr. Febri Sidjaja

Registration Link :


Let’s join the Lifelong Learner Community and become Blessed Parents 

Happy Valentine and See you there

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Yovita Permatasari (08118622662)

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