Creativity is the most significant skill in the 21st century. Creativity is a skill that most up to all of us can benefit for the rest of our lives. There is no particular profession to be “creative.” Being creative may apply to mathematicians, zoologists, etc and not only artists. Creativity is like solving problems with each individuals original solution. Thinking out of the box to find the easiest most convenient way to solve a problem.

The 21st century has come up with a bunch of brilliant inventions. Artificial intelligence, robots and machinery which are able to do tasks us humans can’t do. This increases the rates of unemployment in numerous countries. It is true that technology nowadays is giving us a lot of benefits and is giving ease into hard to do jobs. But if the improvement of technology overcomes our skills, unemployment rates will keep increasing. This is where creativity comes in.

In the future, repetitive task jobs will be low in demand whereas specialists are more likely to be needed. But not all companies are willing to have advanced technology as their core. Some companies are looking for people who can think of new nor better solutions and ideas. Being creative plays a huge role in this. Developing new ideas and making innovative plans for the company is a big win.

Other than benefiting creativity for job purposes, creativity can be helpful for three other things. These three things are:

  1. Increase in lifespan
  2. Solving problems
  3. Developing confidence

Creativity can increase the lifespan of someone because it draws on a variety of neural networks within the brain. This is because it decreases negative emotions, reduces stress and anxiety, and improved medical outcomes. Not only can being creative help you live longer, but it can improve your quality of health and life too.

As for solving problems, creativity comes in handy. Some people say that problems can only be solved by using specific equations and logical approaches. Creativity can help us by solving the problem by seeing it from different angles. This helps people adapt to sudden problems they might be facing because having creativity as a skill can help think out of the box to solve it.

Lastly, creativity develops confidence. Creativity has different situations. There might be times where it works and when it doesn’t. Creativity builds one’s confidence because it comes with failure. Once we face failure, we do our best to make things better and end up with a far more satisfying result.

Job opportunities, lifespan, problem solving and confidence is all part of creativity. Therefore, I think that creativity is a significant skill in the 21st century.


Talitha Briana Syaffa

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