With the theme “Navigating the Future, the next Generation of Business”, our students showcased their different Entrepreneurial Talents last February 2023. 

The week before the Stemapreneur culmination day, we were able to meet Online and Face to Face with some of our Entrepreneur alumni and also other Young entrepreneurs to help inspire our students on how they can start and build their businesses at an early age. 

The pinnacle of the Secondary Stemapreneur Celebration was last February 25, 2023, Saturday with various student competitions. 

The first competition was the Recycled Clothes competition for Grade 7 where our 7th graders creatively made their own costume designs using recycled materials. Each student showed off their creations ending with 3 awesome final winners. 

Another competition held on the date was the E-commerce website presentation Competition for Grade 12 where they presented their E-commerce website in groups, as a result of their ITpreneur subject project ending with 3 winning teams.  Our Grade 11’s also had 3 winning teams in their Programming Competition held from February 13-17.  

The canteen was filled with booths on February 25. The booths were formed from two competitions previously held: selected groups from the Start-up Business Plan competition for Grade 8-9, and all the groups from the Business Plan and Strategy Competition of Grade 10.  

For the Start-up Business Plan competition, Grade 8 and 9 students have been successfully growing their business from the fresh start of brainstorming business ideas into developing a start-up plan that outlined the strategy for launching the business. 

The Business Plan and Strategy Competition started off with a process. The grade 10 students enhanced their knowledge of starting-up a business equipped by the skill practices during class periods and business boot camp held last October.

The Grade 10’s successfully built a business of their own starting with developing the business idea, the organizational structure, financial plan and the marketing strategy. 

They presented their marketing strategy plans containing the Marketing Mix of their business (Price, Product, Place and Promotion) and also brought their promotional tools such as product catalogue, flyers, and brochures informing their products. After this long process, congratulations to the BluethXFizz of 10A for getting the prize!

In addition to the online marketing that the students had previously created through their social media and market place, they also had the opportunities to sell their products onsite in the creative booth competition. 

In the Creative Booth Competition, all the participating students captured the potential customers with their creative booth designs emphasizing the brand identity, product benefits and the unique and appealing promotional activities to engage with the customers.

Our canteen was filled with guests busy exploring both Culinary and non-Culinary products. Congratulations to Aveon of 10IB for winning the Creative Booth Competition!

It was indeed a very festive Secondary Stemapreneur Celebration for both our students, parents and guests who saw how our students could create something wonderfully entrepreneurial. Till the next Stemapreneur!!!



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