John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

Christmas has the meaning of a sign of great joy given by God to mankind for the birth of Jesus Christ as the savior of mankind. Christmas is also an opportunity to share the joy with others, love one another, and bring peace to the birth of Jesus.

Keep praying to God continues to be offered as a form of expression of gratitude and joy for being able to celebrate Christmas. We praise the Lord as the Christmas celebration for the Primary Stella Maris School unit can be held offline this year after celebrating Christmas online for 2 years. As a Catholic school, Stella Maris continues to provide opportunities for students to work and give their best through their performances in this Christmas celebration. Opportunities are given to hone the diverse abilities of children.

With the theme “IT IS THE SEASON TO SPARKLE” the primary students of Stella Maris Gading Serpong presented their talents in singing, dancing, playing music, and reading bible verses in various languages, with the hope that the students could continue to give their best performances in any situation.

The work of Primary students started with the process of preparation and rehearsal to perform relating to the guidance of the teachers at school and parents at home. Every process was always carried out by upholding the values ​​and character of Stella Maris. Students’ understanding of Christmas enables them to offer their best for God. They are also passionate about practicing together to produce the best work that can bring joy to everyone. Keep appreciating the diversity and abilities of friends and develop for the best results. Independent, caring, enthusiastic, responsible, focused, and creative are characteristics developed during this process.

There is no doubt about singing is the ability of the Stella Maris Gading Serpong Primary students. They were so enthusiastic about practicing and focused on memorizing the lyrics. Our students displayed their talents in their performance and the movements were so flexible following the rhythm of the music. They were also able to memorize movements in form of different formations. They could even dance using tambourines.

In addition to it, the students gave the best musical performances with such beautiful harmonization in the ensemble.

Moreover, the students performed a drama with the title “Box of Emotion”. This drama teaches us to build good character and ethics.

Reading Bible verses in 8 languages, respect, and tolerance. Students shared their ability to read Bible verses, not only in 2 languages ​​but in 8 languages, including Indonesian, English, Mandarin, African, Korean, Filipino, Italian, and Indian. CCA Taekwondo and Dance have shown their skills in dancing and taekwondo moves; one of which is breaking the board. Wow, that’s amazing!

Parents also gave extraordinary testimonies. They rejoiced to watch the appearance of their children. They felt amazed knowing their children’s talents who performed confidently. This can be seen from the enthusiasm of the parents to come on time and recorded every appearance of their child.

This Christmas celebration is expected to provide support to students to keep working to produce the best whatever conditions they face while believing that God will always be with them wherever they are. This also applies to teachers and parents to keep working together in order to provide the best education for children both academically and non-academically. May the offerings of the Primary Stella Maris School students be a blessing to everyone, Amen.

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