Preschool Stema Festival:

Raising Intercultural Awareness and Understanding of Early Childhood


Early childhood learning needs to be very diverse, one of them is cultural learning. Culturally rich learning allows children to make strong connections with the environment. It is important to realize that culturally responsive learning also refers to learning that recognizes and respects the diversity of children’s cultures and experiences. Stella Maris Preschool Gading Serpong held a Stema Festival 2023 with the theme of Intercultural Awareness Week. We held this event along the week with various and fun activities involving students and parents. Our preschoolers will embark on an incredible journey where curiosity knows no bounds!


We have a series of internal activities that will awaken their senses, ignite their passions, and foster a love for learning. They are:

  1. Sports Festival: Our little champions showcase their motor skills and sportsmanship in friendly competitions. With Color Matching Games, Hullahoop Transfer, Amazing Race, Rhythm Game, and Dodgeball, they are ready for a whirlwind of energy and excitement!
  2. Language Festival: Immerse the child in the power of words and communication. Fascinating Story-telling sessions by parents’ representatives from each class and some relaxing movies time will nurture their linguistic abilities and unlock their imagination.
  3. International Festival: Celebrate diversity and embrace cultures from around the globe. Our little global citizens explore different cultures through food and costumes through a joyful parade of flags, a simple fashion show, and potluck!
  4. Peak Day: Competition for Internal and External of Color Matching Game and Rhythm Game. The first benefit of competitions for children is, of course, growing children’s self-confidence. Win or lose, the most important thing is that the child succeeds in displaying his abilities in front of many people. Of course, this can support their social skills too.


From these activities, children explore various types of sports and arts through various activities. Besides that, it can develop interest in the activities carried out and experience an activity that is memorable for the child. Each activity designed for this event provides positive values ​​in the developmental stages of preschool children. One of them is training children’s ability to fully manage and express emotions, both positive and negative. The children also can learn actively by interacting with peers. The students and parents were very enthusiastic about enlivening this event and parents also showed a very good support by doing storytelling, participating in fashion show and parade together with their child, potluck party, and accompanying the children in competitions. See you again on our next events!


Written by Delviana Sitio (Preschool Teacher of Stella Maris School Gading Serpong)


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