My Takeaway from the Recollection


“At first, when I heard we were going to a wisma, I thought it was something related to religion. I already had many expectations, but i was wrong. The activities were fun and the facilitators were all nice and funny. They made the experience very pleasant and made sure it wasn’t boring.

Not only that, it also turned out to be a very enriching activity, being able to get to know our friends better, while also bonding and correcting each other. Together, we were taught how to reflect on these past years and how it can be used in the future. We were taught many things, and I personally think it was a wonderful experience that has taught me more about friendship.” – Francesco Dinata, G12 St. Fidelis

“Last Friday on May 17 2024, the grade 12 students visited Wisma Samadi for our recollection. After several weeks of battling the IB exam, this activity becomes a great refresher for us. It was a really fun experience especially with the speakers who were very engaging and explained the materials easily for us to understand. The speakers discussed several interesting topics such as self-reflection, friendship, and personal growth. 

During the recollection, we were also divided into smaller groups where we had small group discussions with our peers. One of my favorite activities we had was when the whole grade sat in a circle and using the notebook we had brought wrote short meaningful messages to each other. This recollection served as the perfect ending of our high school years. This will certainly be a memorable experience for me that I will remember for the rest of my life.” – Elaine Tjandra, G12 St. Fabian


“Overall that event wasn’t something I expected myself to enjoy as much as I did. Coming into it I expected nothing from this trip. But by the end, I think i learned some valuable lessons. After the first lesson, I didn’t even notice that time flew by that quickly, all of a sudden it was time to take the bus back to school. The people there are all very nice, they shared their life stories with us while also keeping us engaged with some fun activities that can range from games to dancing. These activities ended up making the experience overall quite enjoyable

Other than that, the place we went to was also quite nice. It was give or take a 2 hour bus ride to the location, but when we got there, it was a really big building complex. The area can be split into 5 sections, and the section we stayed in was labeled “Campus 1”. In this area, there was the hall we conducted all our activities, as well as the canteen we ate lunch and snacks at. The food provided here was also quite delicious. Outside this area, we can see a pond filled with koi that the people living there keep as pets. Overall, the trip was quite fun”. –Jason Lim Surya, G12 St. Fabian

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