Increasing children’s independence through activities at Stella Maris School

Early childhood, often referred to as the golden age, represents a pivotal period for optimizing children’s growth and development. It is imperative to instill positive characteristics during this phase, with a key focus on fostering independence. Independence encompasses the ability to perform tasks autonomously, without reliance on others, and the capacity to undertake activities for oneself. Developing independence at an early stage is crucial to avoid hindering subsequent developmental milestones. The acquisition of independence in childhood plays a pivotal role in shaping a child’s character and personality.

Children who are accustomed to having everything done for them by their parents may struggle with independence, ultimately impacting their future. Establishing a foundation of independence in early childhood facilitates decision-making, cultivates a sense of responsibility, reduces dependency on others, and enhances adaptability to different environments.

Independent learning imparts several positive values, including the ability :

  1. make decisions.
  2. self-regulation
  3. responsibility
  4. confidence
  5. initiative-taking

These values contribute significantly to a child’s overall development and prepare them for future challenges.

At Stella Maris School, preschool children engage in various activities designed to hone their abilities and foster independence. These activities include practicing table manners, participating in “senam ceria” (cheerful exercise), and partaking in flag ceremonies. Through these routines, the school aims to instill and reinforce the values of independence in young learners.


Table Manner

From an early age, it is essential to introduce children to proper eating habits and manners. They should also learn about the significance of consuming healthy food for their well-being. Subsequently, children are encouraged to practice correct eating etiquette when dining with friends and teachers. Beyond acquiring eating etiquette and manners, there are additional valuable lessons that can be imparted simultaneously, including:

  1. Fostering children’s independence in preparing and consuming food by themselves.
  2. Building children’s self-confidence when eating in the presence of others.
  3. Training children to effectively communicate with their peers.
  4. Cultivating attitudes and behaviors that emphasize respect for others.

These lessons not only contribute to the development of good table manners but also play a crucial role in shaping children’s overall character and social skills.


Senam Ceria

“Senam Ceria” is a form of gymnastics accompanied by lively music, designed to infuse enthusiasm and cheerfulness into children while engaging in physical activities. The benefits of this joyful exercise extend beyond mere enjoyment, as it optimally stimulates the nervous system, fostering a conducive environment for the educational process. Additionally, it catalyzes encouraging children to be active and promotes a state of relaxation.

Beyond the evident advantages of enhancing body balance and agility, rhythmic gymnastics plays a pivotal role in supporting children’s motor development. However, it is crucial to tailor rhythmic gymnastic movements to align with the child’s age and ability level. This ensures that the activity remains both enjoyable and developmentally appropriate for each child.


Flag Ceremony

At Stella Maris School, we conduct a monthly flag ceremony, an essential event even at the kindergarten level, despite the young age of the children, who may not execute it perfectly. The primary objective of the flag ceremony is to foster a sense of unity among the Indonesian nation.

Teachers at Stella Maris School dedicate efforts to promoting children’s independence through various means. These efforts include providing guidance and understanding, establishing positive relationships with both parents and the school to facilitate mutual understanding, organizing extracurricular teaching activities, and closely monitoring children’s development. The teachers at Stella Maris School have been effective in their role in cultivating the independence of early childhood.


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