SHS Department conducts IB Day for Grade 10 Students

by: Nadia Kathleen T. Manalaysay


To help the students understand better what and how IB Curriculum works, the Senior High School Department conducted an IB Day last Friday, July 21, 2023, from 9:20 AM to 12:20 noon, for Grade 10 JHS and Grade 10 Pre-IB Students.

This day is allotted to give a bird’s eye view and the other details they need to know regarding the program.

Ms. Nina F. Genardo, our Secondary Principal, alongside Ms. Arsenia A. Lotivo, our IB Diploma Programme Coordinator/ Vice-Principal, spearheaded the IB Day. They discussed what and how the program works. They also shared some former IB Students’ success stories that would encourage them to join the IB Programme.

The teachers were divided into four groups:

Groups 1 and 2 – Languages Department;

Groups 3 and 6 – ITDS, Psychology, and Economics/ Business Management,

Chemistry and Visual Arts;

Group 4 – Science Department; and

Group 5 – Mathematics Department.


Moreover, the IB Teachers were assigned to facilitate the discussion for each subject group. Ms. Nadia, Ms. Tabitha, Mr. William, and Mr. Tommy were assigned to discuss Groups 1 and 2’s content and activities. Mr. Jonassah discussed the contents for Groups 3 and 6. All Science teachers discussed the contents for Group 4. Lastly, all Math teachers discussed the contents for Group 5.

Mr. Jonassah stated, “We learned how to criticize research and learn that because a claim is based on research, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.”

Mr. Purwo added, “IB day gives a big picture of how every IB subject in every group (1-6) looks like, what related carrier can be taken when they choose those subjects, and what world university can accept IB. This event also gives a sample of the unique program offered by IB, for example in group 4 subjects, there is a collaborative project, in which students are working in teams to do some research in some areas (outside the school). This event also gives one simple experiment to show how experimental research is a strong part of group 4 subjects.”

Overall, it was a fun and worthwhile activity that the students enjoyed.


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