Cultivating Catholic Values: Fostering Consistency and Fun in Stella Maris Preschool Gading Serpong


Stella Maris Preschool Gading Serpong is committed to instilling Catholic values in its students from an early age. Through a series of events and activities, they emphasize the importance of consistency, repetition, and fun while teaching religious principles. This article explores the various initiatives taken by Stella Maris to promote Catholic values among its young students.


Stella Maris recognizes that consistency is key to building strong Catholic values in early childhood. To achieve this, we incorporate regular activities into the academic year. For instance, at the beginning of each academic year, the school organizes Holy Mass, encouraging students to prioritize God before embarking on their educational journey. Additionally, on the first Friday of every month, there is a special Holy Mass for Catholic students, where they actively participate as choir members, fostering a sense of devotion and service to God.


Stella Maris understands the importance of fostering a spirit of inclusivity and respect among its students. During the monthly Spiritual Welfare activities, children of all religions come together to learn about different faiths, prayers, praise, worship, and Bible stories. These activities not only promote mutual understanding but also encourage children to appreciate and respect different religious practices. The art and craft sessions during Spiritual Welfare provide a creative outlet for preschooler to explore their spirituality in a fun and engaging manner.

September holds a special significance at Stella Maris Preschool Gading Serpong as it is celebrated as National Bible Month. Throughout this month, students engage in various activities to deepen their understanding of prayer and the Word of God. Regular schedules are dedicated to teaching different ways of praying and comprehending scripture. The month concludes with a vibrant closing ceremony, where preschooler recite Bible verses they have learned and participate in enjoyable art and craft activities centered around biblical themes. This celebratory event encourages students to connect with the teachings of the Bible in an interactive and joyful manner.


In addition to the regular activities throughout the year, Stella Maris Preschool also celebrates significant events in the Catholic calendar. During the Advent season, students engage in activities that prepare them for the birth of Jesus Christ. They learn about the importance of hope, faith, joy, and love through storytelling, arts and crafts, and prayer reflections.
Christmas at Stella Maris is a time of great joy and celebration. The school organizes special events, such as Musical drama, students’ performances and carol singing, to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Children also participate in acts of generosity and giving, emphasizing the importance of sharing and spreading love during this festive season.

As we have Christmas Charity thar the student makes Christmas decoration and class project to sell to their parents or other people and the money they get donated to many places needed such as small school In Kalimantan and Catholic Church near School.

Mother Mary Month is dedicated to honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary. Students learn about her life, virtues, and importance in the Catholic faith. They engage in prayer services, bring flowers to put on Mother Mary Cave located in school.

Easter holds great significance for Christians as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Stella Maris Preschool organizes Easter-themed activities, including Easter art and craft, storytelling about the resurrection, and creating art projects symbolizing new life and hope.

Stellamaris Preschool’s commitment to nurturing Catholic values extends to the celebration of Advent, Christmas, Mother Mary Month, and Easter. Through these events, students deepen their understanding of the Christian faith, engage in meaningful activities, and embrace the joy and love that these occasions represent.



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