Mathematics and Ace Learning

Alex M. Manihuruk, Grade 10 IGCSE and IBDP Mathematics teacher


Stella Maris School Gading Serpong, as one of the IB and Cambridge IGCSE schools in Tangerang, has integrated technology into their Mathematics curriculum. This transformational technology can modify the manner in which students learn and interact with mathematical concepts. Instead of employing conventional textbooks, the school uses a specialized Mathematics e-learning platform known as Ace-learning, which is tailored to the Singapore syllabus and equivalent to Cambridge IGCSE curriculum and covers Secondary grades 7 -10.

Ace-learning was developed with the goal of becoming a world class provider of e-learning solutions for Mathematics with a vision to participate in creating an enjoyable learning experience. Its mission is to lead the way in this field by offering effective blended learning that employs interactive, media-rich animations and personalization technology, which aid children in secure digital environments to practice and master key math skills.

Ace-learning has received positive feedback from teachers and students alike in Stella Maris Gading Serpong. The platform’s interactive lessons cater to different learning styles, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, and encourage self-directed learning and independent thinking, leading to a boost in student confidence. Additionally, students have the advantage of being able to access lesson reviews and video explanations at their own space, even outside of the classroom.

Various levels of questions are available on Ace-learning, catering to students’ different levels of understanding. Students who are just starting to learn a topic may attempt basic questions, while intermediate questions are available for those who have a better grasp of the subject. Those who have fully mastered the topic can challenge themselves with the advanced questions.

One of my favorite features in this platform is gamification. It has the advantage of making the learning process fun while also presenting practical applications of the lesson. In statistics lessons, for example, if students intend to evaluate their level of understanding regarding topics such as the total number of elements in a sample space, they can partake in games like Smart Pilot or Brainy Bear.

Not only do these games help to attract students to the lesson, but they also encourage continued learning and progression through the game.

Ace-learning has been a valuable tool for me as one of the Mathematics teachers in Stella Maris Gading Serpong. It has proven effective in capturing my students’ interest and I appreciate the flexibility it provides in adapting my lessons to meet their particular learning needs, helping them comprehend the mathematical concepts. The platform’s content also facilitates a deeper understanding of the subject, particularly for those who may consider mathematics too difficult and abstract.

Using Ace-learning in my classroom has made the learning process much more dynamic and interactive. Animated multimedia tools and quizzes have made the lessons more engaging and exciting for my students. With the platform’s personalized assignment feature, I can also allocate extra time for students with specific learning needs or provide more challenging assignments tailored to those who demonstrate a deep understanding of the topic. By making use of this platform, my teaching skills are enhanced and I am able to work more intelligently.

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