Sharpening Reading Ability through our Digital Library LMS

Reading involves both the act of looking at the text and the process of silently or loudly comprehending its contents. Reading is expressing one’s creativity to a reader who is both well-liked by others and loved by those who understand them. Reading exercises involve both silent and spoken reading. Reading out loud is a reading practice that is done in a public setting. While silent reading is the practice of reading slowly and intently in order to comprehend the author’s intention or goal in written media.

Reading is a type of language skill through receptive writing because it allows a person to learn new things, expand their knowledge, and have never-before-experienced experiences. Reading will help someone develop their mental faculties, hone their perspectives, and widen their horizons. This affects a person’s capacity to complete their education and have a simpler life.


There are numerous advantages of reading that help youngsters develop. The language and communication abilities of students can be enhanced by this practice. As a result, a reading culture must be ingrained from a young age. Reading can be a shared activity between parents and students, in addition to the advantages for students. Reading can reawaken the bond between kids and their parents/teachers. To prevent youngsters from becoming bored, parents and teachers must also participate in a fun way.

Students’ imaginations and creativity can both be fostered by reading. Nowadays, in the digital age, readers have access to books not only in the form of physical books but also in the form of digital reading books. This course will teach a range of enjoyable and straightforward reading method techniques.

The first benefit of digital books is that they are shorter and more useful. You can read any book according to your mood effortlessly wherever and anytime because all of your book collections are saved in a single application thanks to digital technology.

One benefit of using an electronic book as a learning tool is that it can make learning more efficient. Sticking to one learning resource will limit your ability to use e-books as references. E-books are incredibly portable, making it such that teachers never run out of resources for their students to study from.

We are presenting a digital library to all pupils, in line with the Stella Maris School’s strategic plan, I Am Stellamarian, I Am Ready for Digital Transformation. Every pupil is anticipated to develop a reading habit thanks to this digital library. Students will have simple access to and reading of their preferred literature using a digital library.

When this digital library was introduced to pupils, several issues and challenges arose. And doing it is not simple. But with time and a quick grasp of digital, students can adjust to new situations, and with the help of this digital library, reading becomes a more pleasurable activity.

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