The definition of musical drama: opera in which the musical and the dramatic elements are equally important; the music is appropriate to the action. Musical drama refers to plays in which characters engage in a dialogue but also include scenes in which the passion of the character is so great he expresses himself in song.

Stella Maris Preschool unit implemented ,”Preschool Musical Drama”, that started with a feeling of excitement as the collaboration of practice  between students and teachers and  combination of hard work, enthusiasm, talents and confidence all mixed together have fueled up the spirit of the students and they performed with passion on the Great Day, 13 June 2023.

The title of The  Student Learning Presentation is, “ The Magic in Us”, was a musical drama with a touch of Harry Potter’s Theme . The Magic in Us, the story is about a child named Happy, who  finds herself unspecial.  Until someone showed up on her doorstep telling her: YOU HAVE MAGIC IN YOU! She did not believe at first, until she was taken to a magical school where she discovered that she is indeed special. She met people and went to places who helped discover her MAGIC.

Then she encountered many friends  such as Minee, Hagrip, Professor Snap, Professor MacDonalds, Won-won, and  got herself taken to the school : Hogwart,  that will develop, nurture her special gift. She met trolls, house elves, and had to fight the dragons with her friends with her special power.  Happy find out that her magic powers is defense and healing, where such power can be used only to protect but not to destroy. All  the class performed musical dance to represent the scenes, from Toddler until K2 , the students eagerly participated and make such memorable event.

Stellamaris Preschool believe that Role Play is a learning method that is believed to have an important function for children’s cognitive skills and creativity. Because, this activity is able to train a child’s brain to use imagination from an early age. Musical activity can increase the growth and vocabulary words for children. It can also develop  their positive attitude. The rhythm, beat and harmony of music can affect human physiology, especially brain waves and heart rate, beside evoking feelings and memories.

The school production Musical Drama, “The Magic in Us”, was created for the students, parents, teachers, and  it was not only to mark the final ending of one  awesome, dynamic, breath taking  school academic year of 2022-2023 but also has a moral message, that everyone is special. If we all look deep inside of our heart and soul, we all have magical powers as source to live and grow. It is not easy to have confidence, but as we all now, what great power other than God, himself has the ability to support and give his strength to carry on and continue with our live. It is the vivid light that shines and blazes inside of us as an armor to help us reach our dream and goals.  It is up to us on how we manifest the power inside of us. It is up to us how the hero in us not only to  save ourselves  but also saving others for the greater good. Thus Stellamaris Preschool unit is a place for the children to harvest young bright heroes who will fix the chaos of the world with their hands someday.

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