IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2024 “LETHOLOGICA”
Muhammad Alimin
IB Visual Arts Teacher

The development of contemporary art in the world to this day is felt to be faster, beyond the boundaries or cross genre, media and forms that are free without limits. Indonesian contemporary art among professionals has produced many names for young artists whose work and career have gone abroad. And achieve fantastic numbers. it all became a spirit for academics and art schools everywhere. This time Stella Maris International School is again holding a final assignment of fine art exhibitions, namely the IB Visual Art 2024 exhibition with the theme “LETHOLOGICA”.

I would say before that this year’s cast is more interesting. Because in addition to the number of students more than the previous year, the quality of paintings and themes used by students are also very diverse and varied. Starting from realistic styles, drawing, digital art techniques and 3D installation. the message that students want to convey is also varied. Individual nuances are felt without competition in this exhibition.

This exhibition will be a stepping stone for students to continue to develop their talents and abilities after they graduate later. ”Always bring the soul of art that you have wherever you are and keep it in your place”.

Here is a message from one of the VA students. 

The 2 years I’ve spent in visual arts have taught me many things that I will never forget. These range from improving my skills as an artist and my independence– Which I’ve learnt from my teacher and as well as my classmates. The exhibition we did last week was a one of a kind experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone. For me, displaying and explaining certain works was a challenging part of it. But in the end, it was still fun to see the students, as well as my friends and family stop by.”- Bianca, G12 St. Fidelis 



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