Find the Joy of Learning through Small Excursions & Field Trips!

For many young children, some of the best memories of their academic journey are made on field trips. They combine the excitement of exploring new places, participating and engaging in new activities, and creating with the joys of learning and education.

In Stella Maris Preschool Gading Serpong, Field Trip is the main program that will be conducted routine, 2 times every year. In addition, we also have one time Small Excursions (shorter time than Field Trip). This Academic Year 2023-2024, we are very happy to have Small Excursion and Field Trip again, after 3 years’ pandemic.

Starting from Nursery students, this year they went to Pizza Hut (decorating pizza) for Small Excursion, while Kindergarten 1 went to Engineering for Kids (doing Science experiment) and Kindergarten 2 went to Branchsto Equestrian Park (grooming and feeding animals). It’s so lovely to see how our children participate and learn new things outside the classroom.

Another excitement also will happen during the Field Trip for all students from Toddler to Kindergarten 2 this November. Toddler and Nursery students will visit Youreka Kids Farm at Kuningan City, K1 students will visit Kuntum Farmfield at Bogor and K2 students will visit Cimory Riverside at Puncak. Can’t wait to see their happy and excited faces to learn new things!

Their joy of learning in Small Excursions and Field Trips also will continue to be seen from their character development, such as their independence (taking care of their belongings), respect (to the teachers, other friends and surrounding people by following the rules and instructions given), and curiosity of learning something new from their experiences.


Lastly, let’s remember that all 6 (six) areas will develop well during the Small Excursions and Field Trips activities.

  1. Moral and Spiritual (Feeling thankful to God for the Small Excursions and Field Trips journey)
  2. Social and Emotional (Feeling happy with their friends, greeting and talking politely with people, instructors, and teachers to have a journey together)
  3. Language (Speaking confidently with their friends, teachers, other people they meet during the trips)
  4. Cognitive (Learning about distance, tools, size)
  5. Physical (Practicing their fine motor and gross motor skills)
  6. Art (Gaining knowledge of new music and movement according to the topic/theme in the trips)


Yes, small excursions and field trips are fun, but they’re so much more than that. Once again, the exposure provided by them can help students take on new interests and become better suited for social situations in the future as well.

Written by Dian Kristiani (Preschool Teacher Stella Maris School Gading Serpong)




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