Last July 25, 2023, the Secondary Unit held our exhibition for the Co-Curricular Activities at Gethsemani Auditorium. The CCA program (Co-Curricular Activities) aims to help our students balance between Academic and other creative/life skills that they can enjoy after school, while at the same time build their self- confidence and develop their talents. Stella Maris offers a wide range of CCA activities for students. The CCA’s will start this August for this new Academic Year and the exhibition was an opportunity for the students to see the different options of CCA.

Secondary students were divided into 3 batches with 30 min each batch to enjoy touring the CCA booths. New CCA vendors for Secondary this year included Wushu/Muay thai, Theater, Vocal and Guitar, Cheerleading, Badminton and Manga drawing.

As the students visited each booth, they were able to get explanation from the vendors on what the CCA was about, see materials, works and output from each. Students also enjoyed trying out the Basketball tools and the Aeromodelling samples provided.

They also enjoyed performances from our new vendors for Wushu/Muay thai and Theater CCA. Pak Septiana of Naga Mas showed off together with his student, their Wushu skills onstage, making our Secondary students interested to try out this martial art. The Theater Connection team on the other hand presented a funny skit to engage our students in Theater Art. The Theater Art CCA will aim to build our students skills in performing arts and eventually get them to perform in the school production or outside of school.

Popular CCA for our Secondary students are generally sports, the Basketball, Futsal, Badminton and Muay thai had the most number of interest. The Sports CCA’s are targeted to join in and out of school competitions throughout the year. Arts come in second with Music and Dance and students are expected to perform in and out of school events/activities.

All of these Co-curricular activities are good ways for our students to strengthen their physical and explore their artistic skills. It is also a venue for them to balance their Academic and Non Academic and a possible way to destress from school work.

After the CCA Exhibition, feedback from students were positive and we are excited to see which ones they will sign up for and enjoy this coming August!!!

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