Business Bootcamp as Part of the Entrepreneur Pathway

By: Laurencia Raelyn grade 10


In today’s competitive and rapidly changing business environment, what sets successful businesses apart from their competitors? Many would argue that it’s the result of a compelling product, excellent financials, and effective marketing and relationships, but there’s more to it than that—entrepreneurship skills. Strong entrepreneurship abilities are something that Stella Maris School Gading Serpong feels are essential for students to develop in order to succeed. In order to help its 10th grade students develop entrepreneurial values, the school held a Business Bootcamp, built to encourage students to implement their business ideas and skills in real life.


Stella Maris School GS offers us students extra guidance and assistance in the form of the previously mentioned Bootcamp to help enhance our skills and prepare us for the challenges of reality, even though the school offers business studies as part of the IGCSE curriculum. 


In the Business Bootcamp held last November, guided by coaches from School of Founders, that specialize in enhancing public speaking and entrepreneurship skills, us pupils were encouraged to think and create outside the box. Learning the many marketing strategies and proper ways to market our potential business and product, most in the form of presentations but other skills learnt through outdoor activities. Every minute during our session was spent gaining new information from the coaches, making good use of it through doing a presentation of our company in front of everyone with our assigned business groups. There were many discussions done among peers, even outside of sessions as many of us felt the spark of motivation to ensure our potential businesses’ marketing strategies are up to expectations. 


We spent the most of our time working on our business project, and many of us made the most of the opportunity to ask the coaches as many questions as possible in order to identify methods to enhance our company’s operations, including any other business related things we were curious about. We also performed a lot of calculations for our expected company finances, which would have been quite challenging to complete without the assistance we received at the Bootcamp to clear up any confusion or issues we could have had. 


This was the first time we had attended an after-school Business study camp, so it was great to be able to have fun while learning about the potential obstacles we may have should we decide to start our own company. Additionally, the boot camp guarantees that we will be ready for whatever our future employment may hold. I was able to refine my company ideas to a higher level and learn and expand my entrepreneurial beliefs via this process. I was able to improve my understanding and approach to entrepreneurship with the support of the guidance and expertise I received from the Business Bootcamp, particularly from the coaches. In the end, this helped many of us advance our company concepts.


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